Electric dryer Kares is designed to be mounted either directly to the electrical system, or indirectly via an external power cord with plug. An innovative solution in our dryer is application of self-regulating electrical cord that keeps the radiator surface temperature constant at 55 ° C in stable ambient conditions. Dryer is also equipped with a LED diode, which indicates that unit is in operation mode.

dimension: width (A) x height (B) [mm] weight
Heat output [W] Ingress protection
90x900 1,9 20 IP54
90x1500 2,8 35 IP54
External power cord – 1,5m

Technical specification:

  • nominal volatego: 230V, 50Hz
  • isolation class: class I
  • ingress protection: IPx4
  • heat output: 20W, 35W
  • heating temperature – constant value 55°C

Available colours: chrome, brass, gold, black matt;

Connection type: straight cable with the plug, option with the masking connection.