About HeatQ Technology

We design innovative thermal solutions for houses and flats.
In our products functionality and comfortable user experience matter.
We act precisely, take care of reliability, and provide long life cycle of our products.

Mobility and design

We are distinguished by modern design, which hides inside innovative, polished engineering. HeatQ Technology products intelligently distribute heat in the interiors and optimize energy consumption.  Mobile heat control is the HeatQ standard!

Cooperate with us!

Our clients are provided by direct contact with experienced engineers, and the technical environment conducive to create prototypes. We personalize our  products and support designing new ones. We constantly supplement the knowledge base and we operate keeping comfortable future in mind.


Trakt Św. Wojciecha 223/225
80-017 Gdańsk

Tel. +48 58 580 51 04
E-mail: biuro@heatq.com
E-mail: info@heatq.com

Sales Department

Andrii Drachko
Tel. +48 607 282 856
E-mail: a.drachko@heatq.com

Katarzyna Krystian-Browalska
Tel.  +48 609 363 242
E-mail: katarzyna.browalska@heatq.com

Customer Service
Tel. +48 691 209 888
Tel. +48 661 222 247
E-mail: bok@heatq.com

Technical and Complaints
E-mail: service@heatq.com