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Electric dyer with a heating cable, called also an electric radiator, is a device mainly to dry textiles (towels, bathing robes).

Electric dryer has telescopic handles that could be se up in the preferable direction, due to better organisation of space in the bathroom.

It is perfect for houses with no central heating installation,  besides heating season (the dryer can not be connected to the installation).


  • ON/OFF function
  • timer 2h, 4h
  • dryer is adapted to constant work
  • movable, telescopic handles


Stainless steel

Technical parameters

  • nominal supply voltage: 230V, 50 Hz
  • insluation class: I
  • tightness class: IP 44
  • connection: external spiral power  cable
  • avalible powers: 60W, 65W
Dimentions: width x height [mm]Efficiency [W]
540 x 60060W
640 x 60065W

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