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Electric dyer with a heating cable, called also an electric radiator, is a device mainly to dry textiles (towels, bathing robes).

The heating medium in dryers is air, which fill collectors, heated by an electric heating cable. It is perfect for houses with no central heating installation or as an additional source of heat in bathroom besides heating season (the dryer can not be connected to the installation).


  • ON/OFF function
  • temperature on the working surface is 55°C
  • stylish hangers included
  • visualisation in colorful LED technology
  • intelligent work control thanks to the appropriate construction of heating cable
  • dryer is adapted to constant work
  • the temperature rise on the exposed surfaces of the dryer does not exceed 60°C




Black mat

Black mat

Technical parameters

  • nominal supply voltage: 230V, 50 Hz
  • insulation class: I
  • tightness class: IPX4
  • connection: flush-mounted, external power cable L = 1.5 m
Dimentions: width x height [mm]Efficiency [W]
85 x 91520W
85 x 151535W

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