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Application NEX APP
to the heating element NEX APP

The Application is a part of heating element NEX APP system  available in App Store and Google Play. It allows you to control heat in your house via smartphone/ iPhone.

Learn more about heating element NEX APP.


  • daily / weekly schedule of the device operation time (setting in 3 time zones)
  • temperature change in the heater and in the room every 1 ° C
  • temperature settings in selected rooms
  • the ability to control several devices from one smartphone / iPhone
  • timer: TURBO, START-STOP, DELAYED START – can be set with an accuracy to the minute
  • monitoring of electricity expenditure
  • energy consumption meter (periodic and total)
  • working time counter (periodic and total)
  • possibility of password protection
  • “parental protection” function
  • “holiday” mode
  • possibility to choose the heating priority (radiator / room)
  • standby mode
  • intuitive control panel
  • free application available on the App Store and Google Play

A practical video of the NEX APP available on the YouTube.


Read the privacy policy for the NEX APP.