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Innovations for Heating Industry

HeatQ Technology is on the market since 2010. We create a team of specialists developing heating systems which meet the needs of a modern user. We know that polished design and modern control via mobile app have an influence on perception of class of device. High quality makes that HeatQ Technology goods build the feeling of comfort for years.


Engineering thought

Our team of engineers constantly work on the development of range of products and improve internal technological HeatQ processes. Contact with the most important research units in Poland gives a wider view on market possibilities. We are aware of the upcoming trends, so we design devices for the future.



HeatQ Technology clients know that they can count on the vision of our engineers. We constantly supplement the knowledge base and discover new unconventional solutions that fit the idea of smart technology. We support prototyping, we are open for the collaboration. Our clients gain a direct contact with our experiences staff, which allows on creating news on the market.



We listen, advice and create devices with customers from the basics or personalise finished projects. Thanks to our passion and help of HeatQ Technology engineers, our customer consciously build a product. We organise product trainings, technical support and help entering the market. Our production hall is placed in Gdansk (Poland).


Unconventional design is a recognisable mark of HeatQ Technology and is an expression of constant striving for excellence. We think that technology besides it’s functionality, can also delight with unique aesthetics. HeatQ Technology products are the answer to modernity and everyday importance of interior design.


We don’t choose shortcuts. The main feature of HeatQ Technology products is their very low failure. This feature is becoming also a symbol of companies, which use our services. We use tested elements and collaborate with providers, who meet the assumed criteria.


Minimalisation of influence on natural environment is a priority of HeatQ Technology on each stage of action. We design the products with a truly ecological dimention. We extend their life cycle and plan safe for the environment utilisation. We take care so that our providers share the same ideas and check owned certificates. We ruled out water from the production process, limited energy consumption and emission of harmful gases to the atmosphere.